Villa Mediteraneo Moscow

This beautiful villa has 40 rooms. The villa designed so that all directions of the house brings to the central yard, where you can enjoy a beautiful pool scene with splendid vegetation and at the same time endless striving freedom․

4000 sq/m, 2500sq/m residential area
Completion Date:
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 The interior of this gorgeous villa comes with special luxury, which more imposes by the elements of the Ar-Deco. All rooms are controlled by the home automation SCLAN System, which provides homeowner security, comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency.

At the entrance is stretched out magnificent and luxurious stair rails, decorated with glass and lighting. Controlled by SCLAN System, the glass doors' light and the glass stair rails' lighting can create a variety of shades, which will create a suitable atmosphere of any kind.

In the evenings, the scene gets more and more attracted by the combination of warm lights, which controlled with SCLAN light control

Villa Mediteran Pool view

If you have total freedom, then you are in trouble. It's much better when you have some obligation, some discipline, some rules. When you have no rules, then you strart to build your own rules.

Renzo Piano (1937- )

Villa Mediteran Entrance

Villa Mediteran Inside view


Villa Mediteran visiting room

Villa Mediteran hall

Villa Mediteran hall

Villa Mediteran hall

Villa Mediteran stairs

Villa Mediteran out side pool view

Villa Mediteran out side

Villa Mediteran out side pool view

medianet Rondo

The home automation SCLAN System is operated either via the informative touch screens (IPad's, PC, iPhone, Android pads, and telephones) or via the RONDO 24-speed switch in the highest quality material combination. It is not only decorative but also a potent central control panel, which can be configured on request to control almost everything in the House: Light, music, blinds - whatever you can imagine – RONDO can manage it! 

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