Modern Living Room Interior Design

Interior design Living Room implemented in the loft-style with modern and classical elements. The simplicity and the creative aura are in the base of the design concept.

Huge vitrage windows are welcoming the visitors, by opening a gorgeous view and an exceptional perspective of the site.

39,5 sq/m, 6.8m length by 5.8m widths
Design concept by [mn]medianet team 

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[mn]architect provides all the resources to make the best architectural designs into reality. We help our clients in various ways including:

  • State of the art Designs to help clients in decision making to choose from the bundles of Exquisite Designs and our Experts will help you to choose the best Design suiting to your requirements and surroundings.
  • [mn]architect holds a team of Experts and Collaborators from various genres and departments. We provide an  All In One Package to provide our valued customers with a complete solution package by our vetted in house team.
  • [mn]architect Crowdsources all the materials and services in a single platform and our customers are relieved from calling different services, we enjoin all the required services at a single platform.
  •  We provide all sorts of procurements including a wide range of designs collections, technical assistance, setting up the smart home environment, providing security and sound systems and run their software, recommending the perfect settings for the individual easy comfort adjustments
  • [mn]architect provides easy solutions and one window operation to help build the perfect and complete architectural designs for customers.
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Modern architecture classic living room design with living room sofa and graffiti walls grey interior architect package

Components of Home Architecture Complete Common Room Designs

Common Room is frequently known as the living room or sitting area where most of the time is spent. The place where most of the hangouts take place. It needs to be open yet private to enjoy moments without being disturbed by external stimuli. It is a place where the element of openness prevails as compared to other rooms of the house. The common room is the default center of the house and us dire to make it as much comfortable as it is possible. A cozy environment with an ample amount of lighting environment is the essential component of a functional common room. The common room is the place where most of our time is spent, and it is the gathering spot in the house where you can sit comfortably to have a chit chat or make conversations. Therefore innovative living room ideas should reckon all the considerable aspects of classic modern living room decor. 

Home architecture interior design common room decor grey graffiti walls sofa set and Greek style decoration house

[mn]architect is pioneering to compose a subliminal interior design of the living room merging the current needs in the classical patterns; it is fulfilling and complete syndication of demonstrating all essentials in a unique style. The current living room design is a blend of technology and art in a perfect ratio to mesmerize the modern needs in a utopian manner. The main components around which we aspire our living room designs are:

  • Modern Classic Look
  • Compact Cozy Environment
  • Light Enriched Translucent Surroundings
  • Technological Adjustments
  • Theming Backgrounds and Furniture

Classic modern interior home decor architecture design TV set hanging decoration lightings grey graffiti wall structure


If you think you can't make the world a better place with your work, at least make sure you don't make it worse.

Herman Hertzberger (1932-)


Vitrage design architecture windows for interior home decor living room sitting area chairs lightings and grey theme

Living Room Design by [mn]architect

The living room designed by [mn]architect is a combo of modern and classic approaches. This design aims to give a serene living room experience. It barricades attention epicenter to the common room environment. The room represents light with some shades, and the interior atmosphere is serenaded by the TV wall and a soft zone with their accessories and harmonic design solutions. An exquisite experience of technology within your reach with the most advanced systems makes everything pleasurable in the common room atmosphere.

Interior home designing corner chair architecture idea for living room with Greek wood touch palings hanging chandelier

Why choose us for the living room designs? In [mn]architect, our prime experience with the world's leading home automation, technological services makes us the best at what we do. We offer a complete classic mid-century design with a sleek modern look. Our design is compatible with the modern automated environments where everything looks clean and tidy. Our unique design will produce a more controlled environment in your sitting areas and living rooms. We offer minimal themes that blend furniture with the overall structure of the most important and used part of the house. Huge vitrage windows embark on a modern lifestyle, and the scheme of wall design arrangements makes the whole living area a thing of now.  

Interior home decor architecture design of vitrage windows sunlight entering living room sitting area sofa grey color theme

It's worth noting that we choose our advanced audio systems from the wide range of Lounge Speaker collections by the leading high-end audio producers VoicePoint. One of the key features, why our team of designers focused their attention on this speaker is the possibility to hide the speaker inside the walls. The reason behind choosing them for the living room audio system is their unique thin and tall shape that allows us to flash mount speakers into the body of the TV stand. It's barely visible, yet it is still noticeable from the left and right sides of the TV panel highlighted with the metal stripes of the decor. Apart from that, these systems can also be used as Living Room Theater systems enabling users to experience Home-Cinema Hi-Fi sound quality. Our living room ideas are ideal for balancing the light requirements of the area in both broad daylight and night mode. The splendid painted decor of Greek order ornaments continuity in the TV wall replenish energy and keeps the common room filled with classical modern aroma. Our common room ideas for walls are magnolias, which mesmerize the front wall. The abstract stucco molding gives concrete modern decor visuals from the center. These artistic walls look lucrative in living room designs. Art admirers will truly praise the astonishing looks. It is a pure comfort zone to relax and please yourself. The esthetic approach of the amalgam of audio-video experience takes the observers to another zone of amusement—a true living room inspiration design.

Angles of interior home decor architecture designing mixed settings for living room ideas grey theme design

Living Room Environment Enhancements Effects

The living room is enhanced with the application of the State of the Art Home Automation system from the German-made SCLAN equipment. It automates the whole house or apartment along with the common room designs. AAL systems (Ambient Assisted Living): intelligent assistance systems and smart building from SCLAN is used to provide different scenarios of home automation via operating modes. SCLAN intelligently deals with all scenes and situations depending on day time and presence. A complete Environment Enhancement equipment to automate the whole house through SCLAN building automation products. Customized area to area automation is also available to pick choose the specific area for complete automation. Security systems, motion sensors, multi-room audio systems, fire alarms, and intruder alert systems are all provided in the complete automation experience. With the long-lasting latest technology, the whole house is easily accessible even when outside through the easiest interface through which you can control your smart home remotely.

  • Galvanize your living rooms and common sitting areas with this fantabulous modern classic living room architecture design and enjoy a vogue lifestyle. Systematic and professional caliber architectures and designers will help you in the way to immerse customized ideas into actual happenings.
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